6-ая ежегодная конференция SCAD (общество цвета и внешнего вида в стоматологии).
(2-4 октября 2014 г.)

Программа мероприятия
Thursday, October 2, 2014

7:00-9:00pm Welcoming reception, Registration

Friday, October 3, 2014 – Italy vs. Brazil

7:00am-4:00pm Registration
7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00-8:15 Opening ceremony
8:15-8:40 Ricardo Carvalho: The bond between adhesive procedures and scientific evidence
8:40-9:05 Lorenzo Breschi: How to achieve bond stability: Scientific evidence
9:05-9:30 Andre Ritter: Direct composites for appearance-minded patients
9:30-9:55 Roberto Spreafico: Color and appearance aspects in restorative dentistry using composite materials
9:55-10:35 Q/A, Break, Larsen-Chu Award Case Viewing/Grading
10:35-11:00 Newton Cardoso: Composite resin-ceramic Interface: Indications and techniques
11:00-11:25 Domenico Massironi: Color, esthetics, materials: The game starts with the preparation phases
11:25-11:50 Sidney Kina: Ceramic veneers and all-ceramic crowns
11:50-1:00 Q/A, Lunch, Lunch & learn
1:00-1:25 Stefano Gracis: The influence of abutment color on the choice of prosthetic restorative materials
1:25-1:50 Christian Coachman: Harmonizing pink and white esthetics in the anterior zone
1:50-2:15 Stefano Inglese: Color and appearance in dental technology: Morphological and optical aspects
2:15-2:40 Dario Adolfi: Treatment planning for full mouth rehabilitation
2:40-3:20 Q/A, Break Larsen-Chu Award case viewing/Grading, Poster viewing
3:20:3:45 Andrea Ricci: Appearance needs soft tissue harmony around beautiful teeth!
3:45:4:10 Newton Fahl: Direct-indirect class V technique for non-carious cervical lesions
4:10-4:35 Federico Ferraris: Chromatic behaviors of different refractive index composites and their clinical implications
4:35-4:45 Q/A, Mini break
4:45-5:00 SCAD open meeting
7:00-10:00 Cocktail, President's dinner

Saturday, October 4, 2014 – Where Art Meets Science

7:00-8:00 Registration, Breakfast
8:00-8:45 Edward McLaren & Johan Figueira: Creating color: the integration of color and translucency in dental ceramics
8:45-9:10 Russell Giordano: Enamic: A novel ceramic system
9:10-9:35 Richard Price: Appropriate light curing: A vital step to a successful restoration
9:35-10:00 Gavin Heymann: New horizons for orthodontic enhancement of dentofacial appearance
10:00-10:40 Q/A, Break, SCAD VITA Award recipients’ poster viewing
10:40-11:05 Sabiha Bunek & John M. Powers: Clinical and laboratory properties of resin cements and milled restorative materials
11:05-11:30 Milos Tomic: Clinical and technical aspects for the new generation of all-ceramics I
11:35-12:00 Claude Sieber: Clinical and technical aspects for the new generation of all-ceramics II
12:00-1:00 Q/A, Lunch, Lunch & learn
1:00-1:25 Jungo Endo: How to achieve life like gingival ceramics with implant restorations?
1:25-1:50 Harold Baumgarten: From hopeless to beautiful: Transitioning the terminal dentition with technology-assisted implant solutions
1:50-2:15 Lyndon Cooper: Impact of optical and mechanical properties in the selection of esthetic milled restorative materials
2:15-2:40 Christian Stappert: Successful appearance of single implant restorations: Novel biological and material considerations
2:40 Closing ceremony

  • Организатор: DR
  • Дата проведения: 2-4 октября 2014 г.
  • Тип мероприятия: Конференция
  • Специализация: Междисциплинарный
  • Место проведения: США, Чикаго, 20 East Chestnut Street, Sofitel Hotel Chicago
  • Стоимость участия: 790$
  • Запись по телефонам: +1.281.687.8752
  • Веб сайт: www.scadent.org/events/chicago-2014

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